We are often asked by prospective investors as to why they should invest in Kingson Capital.

There are great academic answers to this question, which include some of the following:

1 – An impressive investment structure that is transparent and efficient
2 – We are S12J registered and backed by USAID
3 – That we offer solid returns with a significant risk free portion to capital invested
4 – We comply with the B-BBEE codes for supplier and enterprise development
5 – We expose our investors to exciting new asset classes and assist in accessing new value from their supply chain

But there is more to Kingson Capital, greater reason as to why you should invest with us.

We don’t just serve our investees. We don’t just serve our investors. Kingson Capital serves the greater good. A higher purpose.

Our country desperately needs men and women to stand up and be counted for the greater good. Particularly men and women of our generation.

In 30 or 40 years’ time, when people talk about “those” who made a difference, who changed the course of our country; in those conversations our names will be mentioned. We will be counted among them.

This is multi-generational impact. Its what we stand for. This is Kingson Capital.

Multi-generational impact doesn’t just mean relevance, it means dependence.
Relevance is a necessity for survival, but dependence leads to market dominance.

Looking at the most valuable companies in the world, the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google, these companies have successfully transitioned from being relevant, to creating dependence. Their products and services are completely entrenched in our daily lives.

And in the context of stakeholder value creation, dependence generates value in an unparalleled way.

So perhaps, the correct question is not “Why invest with Kingson”, but rather “Can you afford not to invest with Kingson?”