With reverence for the remarkable, we believe that a path has been mapped out for us to boldly pursue a future of exponential innovation that impacts and changes the course of nations.

Our purpose stems from our identity bestowed upon a lineage of kings which we have the honor to continue. We seek out innovation and inclusive technology that can solve for the evolving needs of humanity’s existence. 

Kingson is a venture capital investment firm that provides equity finance for early stage technology startups. We were founded to invest in innovation. We aim to invest in businesses that will create the future and shift economies forward.





We invest in innovation and in the future of business.

We focus on inclusive technology that broadens access to markets, access to finance and distribution networks.

Some of the core principles we apply to our investment strategy, include:

  • We invest early, typically seed and series A 

  • We search for technology that can scale globally and has proven product-market fit

  • We look for Founders that are ambitious and have an ability to influence and win people over; be it talent, new customers or investors. They have a certain level of expertise in their field (or amongst the team) in order to clearly demonstrate why they are best positioned to solve the market problem they are addressing.
  • A product team that has a clear and articulated product roadmap along with the necessary expertise or know-how to deliver on that roadmap.

  • We carefully consider the people and culture, recognising that it takes both to transition a product into a business with high-growth potential.

  • Teams that execute what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and in alignment with their company’s objectives.

  • A revenue flywheel that shows the company has iterated on its revenue line items, and is on a clear revenue growth trajectory. 




by Performing Poet, Puno Selesho

Beyond all perceivable matter, beyond the celestial, beyond the here and now, the seed lie pockets of burgeoning realities, youthful galaxies birthing billions of stars waiting to be unleashed.

But only the brave dared to bend and bounce light, reaching out to grasp potential to grasp tomorrow to see the unseen. Our gravitational lens harnesses the knowledge of today, the wisdom of old and the honor bestowed from the lineage of kings to an earth unfolding technology driven by reverence for the remarkable leaning into purpose, exploring ecosystems of intelligence, demystifying the mysterious to carve possible ality, partnering with investors to propel founders on an exponential trajectory, and together build a long lasting legacy.

A steadfast steward honoring Him with our wealth, investing with wisdom and diligence forever fueling our lamps. Building a firm foundation for the coming age. Enabling inclusive technology to solve the evolving needs of humanity.

Forging forward with laser focus on the future boldly changing the course of nations. Will you embark on this path to partner? To build? To be the first to see the unseen.



Founder-Friendly, People Centric

We invest in businesses because we believe in the founders. Innovation is woven together as part of their DNA. People create value.

Execution Beats Perfection

Momentum is key in the early stage investing world and execution beats perfection, every time.

Active Partnering

We partner with our investors and are active portfolio managers.

Meet the Team

Gavin Reardon

Gavin Reardon

CA(SA), Managing Partner | PGD Accounting Science

Gavin is a founder, investor and entrepreneur specialist. Before founding Kingson, Gavin provided financial leadership to a fintech that grew revenues to more than USD 50 million before being acquired. Gavin understands the nuances and challenges that face entrepreneurs and how the right investment can unlock accelerated growth. In Kingson, Gavin provides strategic leadership to the development of the Kingson funds, and portfolio construction of the underlying businesses. He focuses on capital-raising and deal-making, and loves the people aspect of seeing strategy and execution combined into operational excellence.

Ross Jenvey

Ross Jenvey

CFA, Partner | Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), Economics and Business Finance

Ross has 10 years’ experience as an equity analyst, 5 of which as the Banks analyst, and another 4 years working in strategic roles within the largest Bank in Africa. Before joining Kingson in 2016, he spent 2 years managing a distribution business of around 30 employees, which took much of his theoretical business knowledge and converted it into on-the-ground business and management experience. Ross specialises in industry macro and micro analysis; strategic and business model evaluation; financial modelling and forecasting; trouble-shooting and asset valuation.

Gladwyn Leeuw

Gladwyn Leeuw

Partner | Masters in Management, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (MMENVC)

Gladwyn has multi-dimensional experience and expertise in investments and has served in senior leadership and executive positions in both large corporates and SMEs. Gladwyn started his career as an Investment Manager at Anglo American’s Enterprise and Supplier Development arm, Zimele. He then joined the Senior Executive team of one of South Africa’s largest international BPO’s, and later served as a non-executive board member. Prior to Kingson, Gladwyn founded a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform; simultaneously establishing an independent business consultancy that built and consulted on fund and banking administration systems, gig work technology platforms and various other skills development programs in the ICT sector. In 2017, one of his projects received a Certificate of Recognition for noteworthy performance and on-going contribution to job creation from National Treasury.

Gert Muller

Gert Muller

Executive Development | Bachelor of Commerce, Masters Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain and Demand Forecasting

Gert is involved in Executive Development at Kingson Capital and provides valuable input and guidance to entrepreneurs and management teams. Gert is an experienced value chain specialist with experience in a variety of industries. He spent 10 years with a Fortune 500 Global Company in various supply chain roles before he joined another multinational company (later acquired by a Fortune 100 Global Company) where he ran the HR for their Corporate Division. Gert’s strategic and people management capabilities are incredibly valuable across the Kingson portfolio. Gert also serves on Kingson’s Investment Committee.

Tianette te Roller

Tianette te Roller

Financial Analyst | Bachelor of Commerce, Financial Accounting

Tianette is a Financial Analyst at Kingson Capital, focusing on both internal and portfolio company accounting requirements as well as pre-investment deal analysis. Her prior experience in managing her own accounting firm in Cape Town has given her a good understanding of managing and assisting entrepreneurs. Her attention to detail, passion for perfection and understanding of business matters allows Kingson to assist portfolio companies with a variety of accounting and business related requirements.

Puno Selesho

Puno Selesho

Communications Specialist | Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Puno is a published author, international performing poet, and communications specialist. Before joining Kingson, she founded several social enterprises, including a digital marketing agency. Having crafted creative communications for various local and international brands, SMMEs, NPOs and blue-chip companies for over 12 years, Puno has honed the unique skill of catalysing entities to achieve their objectives using strategic storytelling tools. Within Kingson, Puno’s focus is on crafting and executing an integrated communication strategy that drives the Kingson vision forward through clear and excellent messaging.

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