Emerging Technology

We invest in emerging technology startups with high growth potential and are principally interested in the commoditisation of data, its use and ability to provide more meaningful information to a wider constituency of people.

We invest in entrepreneurs that have unique and scalable business concepts. Their products change the current landscape and existing business models.

We Back Innovators 

We look for products that fit within the following themes:

Autonomous Things

AI-Powered Services & Products

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Immersive Technology

Including Health & Consumer Tech


Digital Assets

& the Expanding Universe of SaaS, Blockchain & Platforms that Drive Inclusive Growth Across Financial Services & Education


Smart Spaces & Sensor Technology

Including Tech to Protect the Environment

If your startup fits into our broader investment themes, see our Investment Mandate for further info.

Actively Involved

We are actively involved in each company we invest in and we assist our companies with developing the right strategy for growth.

Management Team

We typically get involved with the senior management team of each business and provide them with the tools for business and personal development.

Exit Strategy

Every investment also has an exit strategy and we look to exit the business after a period of time to deliver a return to our investors.