Answers the question “Why do you do what you do?’

Invest to Steward Innovation¹

  1. Stewarding is to invest, bring to market, nurture and safeguard the innovation in order for the technology to fulfill its designed purpose.


Answers the question ‘What do you do?’

Create Economic Wealth by Investing in Innovation and Inclusive Technology


Founder-Friendly, People Centric

We invest in businesses because we believe in the founders. Innovation is woven together as part of their DNA. People create value.

Execution Beats Perfection

Momentum is key in the early stage investing world and execution beats perfection, every time.

Active Partnering

We partner with our investors and are active portfolio managers.


We invest in innovation and in the future of business. We focus on inclusive technology that broadens access to markets, access to finance and distribution networks.

Some of the core principles we apply to our investment strategy, include:

  • We invest early, typically seed and series A 

  • We search for technology that can scale globally and has proven product-market fit

  • We look for Founders that are ambitious and have an ability to influence and win people over; be it talent, new customers or investors. They have a certain level of expertise in their field (or amongst the team) in order to clearly demonstrate why they are best positioned to solve the market problem they are addressing.
  • A product team that has a clear and articulated product roadmap along with the necessary expertise or know-how to deliver on that roadmap.

  • We carefully consider the people and culture, recognising that it takes both to transition a product into a business with high-growth potential.

  • Teams that execute what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and in alignment with their company’s objectives.

  • A revenue flywheel that shows the company has iterated on its revenue line items, and is on a clear revenue growth trajectory. 
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