The Era of Sustainable Investment

At Kingson, we understand the importance of preparing the next generation of investors to lead the future of their family’s wealth with boldness and ingenuity. To do this, we are determined to listen to the NXTGEN and ensure their passions, talents and pursuits are expressed in their investment strategies. 

PWC conducted thorough research on this group of future investors. The full report can be downloaded here.

One of the key insights is the resolve of NXTGENs to make sustainable investing a priority for their families. The report outlines that: “The most significant divergence is on the topic of sustainability, which is more of a focus for Gen Z than for its elder cohorts.”

Kingson’s commitment to sustainable investment practices

At Kingson, we agree that the future will be sustained by impact. Reviewing investment opportunities, we map these against the UN’s sustainable development goals, seeking to understand how entrepreneurs’ and founders’ solutions will positively contribute to a better world. At a firm level, we subscribe to all 17 of the UN’s SDGs, including keen support for climate change initiatives; we ascribe to Principles of Responsible Investment and believe that diversity in thought and team helps us make better investment decisions. 


Since our inception, we have invested in +30 entrepreneurs, employed +1,100 people (70% youth) and supported over 115,000 small businesses in their journey to access finance. Additionally, due to some of our investments, over 3 million patients have better understood their healthcare records and benefit from competitively priced premiums. We have supported the introduction of eco-friendly food packaging and labelling products, enriching safety standards with globally recognised ISO standards for emerging markets. Furthermore, our commitment to advancing conservation efforts has yielded successful anti-poaching operations and the recovery of 1.5 million dollars worth of stolen goods through the consolidated efforts of one of our portfolio companies.

As investors, we are here to partner, support and help unlock business opportunities with the next generation of investors,  founders and management teams. We are committed to rolling up our sleeves and journeying meaningfully to drive superior returns and do good simultaneously.

VC Trends | Global: 2023 Deals

VC Trends | Global: 2023 Deals

We previously examined the KPMG Venture Pulse Q4 2023 report on global VC investing activity in 2023. We now examine Asia and Latin America and use Crunchbase data to supplement KPMG’s data.

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