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Our Guiding North Star

Our investment ‘cynosure’ (or our guiding north star) framework means we look for businesses across these five primary investing themes: Digital Transformation, Future of Finance, Food Security and Sustainability, Future of Work, and Healthcare. There are numerous verticals underneath these themes.

These are the criteria we are typically looking for when considering a potential investment:

  • We focus on early stage technology businesses.
  • We look for scalable businesses, in a niche with a large Total Addressable Market (i.e. a huge opportunity for growth).
  • It is important that businesses have their own IP and /or patents, and have a defensible strategy from competitors. We consider barriers to entry, their moat and their unique differentiators in the market. 
  • Companies that are solving real-world problems, not creating nice-to-have digital businesses.
  • We look for initial market traction.
  • We prefer B2B, or B2B2C business models over B2C businesses.
  • There must be a strong team in place. We rarely invest into a startup where there is only one founder, and the rest of the employees are junior employees.
  • We invest in Seed and Series A rounds and will, at times, consider Pre-Seed. 
  • Co-investment with other investors helps broaden industry and market networks, and so this is important to us.
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