Stories of Impact: Kingson

In 2015, Kingson was founded to invest in innovation, with a view of operating on a global stage. 


The universe is constantly expanding. Some scientists believe that one day the expansion rate will cease, and what we once thought of as infinite might actually be finite in purpose. Parallel to our planet’s physiological growth is the tension within which Kingson was birthed: to solve for the evolving needs of humanity’s existence, the demands on the planet, and the acceleration of innovation to meet these needs. 

Sustainable inventions and creations that transcend the present are required for the multi-dimensional pressures that face people and the planet. 


Our purpose stems from our shared identity as individuals and as a firm. We are stewards of this future, and our responsibility was bestowed upon a lineage of kings which we have the honour to continue. With reverence for the remarkable, we believe that a path has been mapped out for us to boldly pursue a future of exponential innovation that impacts and changes the course of nations.


With this as our foundation, we invest in technology businesses that create a more inclusive and sustainable future and move economies forward. To date, we’ve made investments through two funds investing in healthcare, fintech, mobility, ecommerce and data analytics, covering both SaaS and enterprise products. Our portfolio includes companies that contract with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and businesses worldwide. 

Our approach is to partner with early-stage ecosystem builders, including governments and other investors, to address some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

The future will be sustained by impact. When we review investment opportunities, we map these against the UN’s sustainable development goals, seeking to understand how entrepreneurs and founders’ solutions will positively contribute to a better world. At a firm level, we subscribe to all 17 of the UN’s SDGs, including keen support for climate change initiatives; we ascribe to Principles of Responsible Investment and believe that diversity in thought and team helps us make better investment decisions. 

Over 3 million patients have gained a better understanding of their healthcare records.

Since our inception, we have invested in +30 entrepreneurs, employed +1,100 people (70% youth) and supported over 115,000 small businesses in their journey to access finance. Additionally, as a result of some of our investments: over 3 million patients have gained a better understanding of their healthcare records and benefit from competitively priced premiums.

We have supported the introduction of eco-friendly food packaging and labelling products, enriching safety standards with globally recognised ISO standards for emerging markets. Furthermore, our commitment to advancing conservation efforts has yielded successful anti-poaching operations and the recovering of 1.5 million dollars worth of stolen goods through the consolidated efforts of one of our portfolio companies.





























We will pursue connections and collaborations that move us forward.

There is a unique composition of creativity wired within each of our founders. As investors, we are there to partner, support and help unlock business opportunities with our founders and management teams. We roll up our sleeves and journey meaningfully with the founders to drive superior returns and do good simultaneously. 

As the world continues to expand and humanity continues to experience sharp rates of change, we will pursue connections and collaborations that move us forward with boldness into the future, into what is yet to be seen.

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